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Medical Providers Pkg
We are excited to announce our Medical Providers Protection Product which provides a package to Doctor’s and Dentist’s offices for:

  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Third Party Discrimination
  • Defense against allegations by a Patient of Sexual Misconduct
This innovative Product is the first to address, on a package basis, three of the non medical malpractice exposures which scare a Doctor’s or Dentist’s office the most.

Product Features:
  • Priced to be Affordable! Low minimum premiums that include a separate Limit of Liability for Defense of Sexual Misconduct claims.
  • Defense Costs Outside the Limit of Liability for Employment Practices and Third Party Discrimination Coverage (subject to minimum Limit of $500,000).
  • Optional Limit of $100,000 for Sexual Misconduct to a Patient coverage available.
  • Security of an A.M. Best rated A++ Carrier.
It’s easy to obtain a quote!
All that is required is a completed Medical Providers Protection Application.
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