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                             Frequently Asked Questions                                  
         The information listed below is a general "Question & Answer" format of some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to insurance. If you do not see your question and/or answer listed below, please contact our office for further assistance.

General Questions

· What do I do if I suspect Insurance Fraud? To report suspected Insurance Fraud, please go to the National Insurance Crime Bureau website for further information.

Home Owners

General Home Owners Questions
· Can I insure my parents' home for them? Consent will be needed by the parents to have another person or persons to be added to their home owners policy as "named insureds", as well as reviewing other related factors such as: named primary ownership of residence, is there any liens to home, is home listed under a trust, etc..  A Power of Attorney, change to Title and/or other related legal documents may be required.

Claims Questions
· What is the process that my insurance company follows when I file a claim? Each claim is handled on a case by case basis related to the type of claim. With most claims, the customer can make contact with this office first to notify us of a claim. Then the customer will be given information on whom to contact directly with their insurance carrier. Or the customer can contact the insurance company directly from the start of the claim, if our office is closed and they need immediate assistance. Information will then be given by the insurance company on what will happen next in handling the processing of the claim.

· Will filing a claim on my homeowners insurance cause my rates to go up? Each claim is taken on a case by case basis and customers will receive notification of any changes it may cause to their existing policies and why.

· I have a dog that bit someone and a claim was filed. Will that affect my options in getting homeowners insurance? Yes. Any claim made is taken into consideration when looking for new insurance, especially a dog bite. Many companies will not offer insurance for a home that owns specific breeds of dogs, such as: Akita, Chow, Doberman, Pitbull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Presa Canarios, Wolf Hybrid, German Shepard, etc, or mix of these. Our office will always take each individual customers information on the home, claims and/or dogs at residence and find an  insurance company that can offer a homeowner coverage.

· Example: If a tree falls on my house from my neighbor's yard, who pays for the damage? With this example, your neighbor may be responsible because it was their tree that caused the damage. Insurance information should be exchanged between you and your neighbor as each incident will be reviewed on a case by case basis for liability and/or property damage claims by each of the insurance carriers, who will make the final decision on how the claim will be handled and whom is the responsible party.

Flood Insurance
· Do I need to buy Flood insurance? Some policies may come with Flood insurance included otherwise you can purchase as an optional coverage. You may need this coverage due to living in a Flood Zone and/or if your lienholder/mortgagee requires it. This option will be discussed based on each customers specific needs for their home.


Earthquake Insurance
· I live in California . Where can I get earthquake insurance? Our office provides policies for California for earthquake coverage. This is a separate policy from the Home Owners insurance in both coverages and premium.



General Auto Insurance Questions
· Do I need to purchase insurance before I buy a new car? If a customer has their "eye" on a car, a quick quote with basic information can help start the insurance process and give the customer a general idea of what their insurance premiums will be. When the customer is ready, we can easily get the insurance started and instantly provide proof of insurance for the vehicle. Private auto sales or a purchase through a dealership are handled a little differently, so let us know how the vehicle is being purchased. In either case, we can get you covered quickly!

·Do red vehicles cost more to insure than other vehicles? There are a number of different factors that will determine the insurance premiums, including discounts that we will strive to find for each customer. The quotes will be more accurate based on the more information we have when quoting among the many different companies we represent. Primary owner(s) information, driving and claims history, prior insurance history, as well as the type of vehicle and coverages needed all are a part of determining the insurance quote. The V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) is a key feature that helps us to clarify specific information on the car(s) that the insurance will be covering, and therefore offer a better, more accurate quote.

· My teenager just got a driver's license and the insurance rates are through the roof. Do I have to add him to my policy? Do I have any other options? All household members and/or adults of driving age who are  licensed should be listed on your insurance policy as either a rated driver or an excluded driver.

A rated driver, or licensed driver, will effect the insurance premiums of the policy based on that insureds information. An excluded driver, licensed or not, will not be authorized to operate any vehicles included on the policy and therefore will not be covered by the policy in the event that they are operating the vehicle when an accident occurs.

If there is a household member who needs to be listed but they have their own insurance on their own car, other options may apply.

Please contact our office to discuss all possible options for a youthful/inexperienced driver and/or household members above driving age.

Coverage Questions
· What are the minimum liability insurance limits I can get so that my car is legal for the road? The states of Arizona and California require all vehicles registered for road use to carry a minimum limit of 15/30/10, though higher limits of insurance are available. 
*If you have a bank loan/lienholder for the vehicle, the bank will normally require that you also carry a maximum comprehensive and collision deductible of $500 (some banks will allow a $1000, please check with your bank/lienholder for their requirements.)
For more information on dept. of motor vehicle requirements, please visit the motor vehicle division site for that state.  (Links:        AZ DMV     or         CA DMV   )

(Liability or full coverage polices for Mexico can be purchased with proof of a valid U.S. insurance policy.)

· What can I do to protect myself from uninsured drivers? An optional coverage can be purchased on your policy called "Uninsured Motorist" coverage, or UM. There is also an optional coverage called "Underinsured Motorist" coverage, or UIM. These 2 coverages are normally purchased together to help protect an insured against someone who doesn't have any insurance (UM) or not enough insurance (UIM) to cover medical expenses in the event of an accident.

· Which coverages pay for damages to my vehicle? Comprehensive coverage can provide coverage for things like: fire, theft, vandalism and glass breakage, subject to a deductible.

In Arizona: An option for purchase is called "Zero Glass Deductible", which means that in the event of certain types of incidents that involve glass breakage, no deductible is required for repair. (California does not currently offer this option.)

Collision coverage provides coverage for damage incurred from an accident, subject to a deductible.

· Does my US auto insurance cover me in Mexico? Our office has a specific company that will insure a vehicle licensed and garaged in Arizona or California that will also offer a 25 mile limited coverage of liability only into Mexico. This is an optional coverage and must be specifically requested as part of your US insurance policy.

If you US policy does not have the Mexican endorsement, a customer can purchase a separate policy to insure your vehicle for the time you are in Mexico. Please see the Mexican Trip Insurance page of this website.

Claims Questions
· I've just been in an accident. How will the insurer issue the check to repair my car? Each claim is handled on a case by case basis related to the type of claim. With most claims, the customer can make contact with this office to notify us of a claim and then the customer will be given information on whom to contact directly with their insurance company. The customer may then also need to contact the insurance company directly to provide additional information about the claim to start the process with a claims adjuster. Information will then be given by the insurance company on what will happen next in handling the processing of the claim.

· Does my US auto insurance cover me in Mexico? · I've just been in an accident. How will the insurer issue the check to repair my car?