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                        Automobile Quoting - Select State

      Please select the state where the vehicle is license plated and garaged to receive a quote directly with our
office among the multiple insurance carriers we proudly represent.
     (Our office recommends issuing any insurance policy directly through our location to insure that all applicable discounts
and/or surcharges have been discussed to offer our customers the best and most accurate rates available.)

                                      Arizona                                                                  California

                                  *Full Quote                                              *Full Quote

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Or get a quote directly with *Progressive Insurance for either state, please click on the link below:


(* The insurance policy will still be issued from our office location.)        

To get a quote directly with **Safeco Insurance for either state, please click on the link below:

Auto Insurance Quote

(**Please note: An option to convert this quote and issue an active insurance policy will be offered. If a policy is issued
through this website, Sheltra Insurance will still be the Agent of Record for this policy. All applicable terms and conditions
set forth by Sheltra Insurance, including early termination fees, will apply.)


                                                 Also see auto trip coverage for Mexico:


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